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Congratulatory Flowers: Type of Flowers that’s best for Your Business Opening

congratulatory flower stand Singapore

Business opening? Or perhaps, career promotions? Special occasions?

To be honest, there are lots of milestones on life that are worthy of congratulations, and during these moments, you can show to the other people that you care enough with them. So what could be the perfect way to congratulate them? Sending flowers will be a perfect way!

Different flowers indicate different meanings, which means, you can choose your offering depending on the occasion. Below are the guidelines when choosing the right flowers to congratulate an event, person, or occasion.


Roses are not just the symbol of love, they can also mean many things. Yellow roses indicate joy, while white roses signify purity and innocence.


 It is used for expressing your friendship with someone else. This is a perfect flower for congratulating your friend when they accomplish something.

congratulatory flower stand Singapore


It signifies a new beginning and rebirth. It is best for changes in life such as opening a new business, a new job, or a new house. Make sure to buy a bunch of daffodils, because a single daffodil signifies a bad fortune. Sure, you wouldn’t want that, right?

It is best if you place your bunch of daffodils in a congratulatory flower stand Singapore.


Tulips signify not only a lot of meaningful things but also fame. It is perfect to celebrate the achievement of fame or performing as the lead in a show, or perhaps, your business gets a boom in the industry.


It is a complicated type of flower that signifies different things in life. It symbolizes love, pride, love of a mother, and innocence. It makes them the good flower for occasions such as engagement, or new changes in your life.