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Who to choose for your video: agency or freelance?

You have chosen to embed the video within your marketing strategy! You must now build a concrete project, define your objectives, and entrust it to an audiovisual provider who will be in charge of formatting it. Therefore, a big question arises: should we entrust the realization of his video to an agency or freelance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two solutions? Click here for commercial video production agency.

Freelance, according to his desires

Freelance has several advantages because of its independence. Self-employed, he has a great deal of time flexibility. This can be interesting on projects with a precise and well-defined deadline. Depending on the different projects at his disposal, the freelancer is free to organize according to the priorities, his schedule, and the constraints of his clients. Being his own boss, a freelancer is more flexible on the price of his service, unlike an agency. Given a technical configuration that is generally less important than an agency, prices are often lower when you talk to freelancers. Visit this site for corporate video production hong kong.

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The agency, at the forefront of technology

An agency gathers a set of qualified talents, guaranteeing a quality work.

When choosing your provider, do not forget an important point: the legal aspect of the project. An agency is obliged to be covered by multi-risk insurance (often expensive) which insure the material and the physical persons present on the shooting. Everything is declared, and each claim is directly covered by insurance. This ensures zero risk during filming. Let’s take a concrete example: during a shoot, the floor of your office was damaged. In this case, the insurance RC Pro of the agency will take care of the compensation of the accident caused. Thanks to its structure more consistent than a freelance, an agency is in the capacity to manage any type of project, big or small. It offers its creative which guarantee a result of a very high quality. In addition, the agency is able to provide complete support to its customers during the realization of their project.

What is your project?

You now know the benefits of each solution you could use for your video project. Be aware that your choice must be made according to the nature of your project, and the specifications that you have developed for it. As in all areas of activity, you will find on the market very competent freelancers and other less serious, and it is the same for video production agencies. So think ahead of your objectives, the needs that these objectives will require, and make your choice based on the final goal of your project, and your specifications!